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  • Aaron Berogan

Coming Soon to a Podcast Near You

Same Name, New Game

For those of you who have joined us on the Tenno Way listening to our shenanigans as we did our best to keep you up-to-date about all things Warframe, I may have some disturbing news.

As by now you have certainly noticed we haven't been releasing content, that's because we haven't been recording. As some of our team members and communities grew two-for-two decided to break out on their own. They built a fabulous community that we just couldn't keep up with giving them the social media support they needed.

Well we are coming back under the name of the Tenno Way, but it is not Warframe related. Instead we are pursuing something I have wanted to do for a long time. A D&D podcast.

Yes we are getting ready to launch a brand new podcast with some new cast members (as well as returning cast members such as Tan-Tan) all creating new characters, a new world, and some new epic adventures.

So sit back relax and get ready to launch off into a brand new Tenno Way podcast, with weekly releases.

Don't forget you can support our endeavors by becoming a patron at

Thanks for listening.

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