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Meet the Characters


Chucky Chicken

voiced by Michael Cook


The awkward hero; Chucky is the pluckiest rooster in Featherton, USA.  He’s a teeter-totter between "socially awkward" and "sweetly charming", that is beset by outrageous fortune.  He’s not the strongest or most athletic in the group, so he has to utilize his wit and his smarts to get him and the gang out of situations. Chucky’s not a born leader, but he is the most responsible in the group. He doesn’t barge into things; he’s methodical in his approach, only to see his friends have rushed into battle ahead of him, forcing him to come up with solutions on the fly.  Despite being socially awkward and a “fowl-able” leader, he does manage to help his friends come out on top.  As non-confrontational he is, if the situation calls for it he is quite the scrapper.  He has aspirations and dreams of making movies that make people happy.

Chelsai Chicken

Voiced by Shanta Parasuraman


The leading lady, Chelsai Chicken is Chucky’s enchanting girlfriend; she has an aura of royalty about her that captures everyone’s attention.  She’s athletic, intelligent, and quite charming.  She’s a natural dancer and gymnast, loves learning about new cultures and experiences around the world, and quite a fighter.  However, she does have a hard time expressing her thoughts with her friends, having a strong accent and a limited understanding of the world around her.  She is close friends with Janice Jackrabbit and Margarita Macaw, and the three of them also have wild and wacky adventures together, like their fellas Chucky, Johnny, and Louie respectively.


Louie Loon

Voiced by Jim Jarosz

One of the most “Fair Dinkum” feathered friends you’ll ever meet.  Louie Loon is a lovable, quick-witted loon who loves nothing more than hitting the waves, and hitting the pub.  A smooth talking Aussie, there are moments where he’s crude, unfiltered, and a bit crass; however generally he’s pretty tame, and wants nothing more than to have a good time, flirt with the sheilas, and hang out with his best mates.  Louie is also an amazing commentator; being hired as an announcer to many events.

Johnny Jackrabbit

Voiced by Zach Arbogast

The oafish hero member of the group; Johnny’s a rabbit who believes that the group that plays together, stays together.  He’s always trying to play the hero, but he always seems to get it wrong.  Whenever there’s trouble, Johnny is always the first to come up with solutions, and rarely gives excuses.  While he doesn’t always have the right answer, he always puts his hat into the ring.  His bravery and haste can get the gang into deeper trouble, however unlike Louie, he’ll stand by Chucky to try and solve the issue.

Margarita Macaw

Voiced by 

Margarita is as fiery as a bird as she is a dancer; she loves music, and will always find an opportunity to dance and perform.  Like most teenage girls, she can be a bit of a recluse, mysterious, stand-offish and sarcastic with her friends, especially Louie Loon.  Margarita may be tough on the outside, but inside, she’s a scared girl that’s worried about making her own dreams come true.


Janice Jackrabbit

Voiced by Christina Castello

The diva girlfriend of Johnny, Janice is a lover of the theater.  Janice is dramatic, cuddly, and as cute a rabbit can be. Her dream is to become a singer, and there can be a few opportunities in some shorts for her to sing.  One thing about Janice: she is one bunny you don’t want to cross.  Hell hath no fury like Janice scorned.  She has no enemies...that live long to give her trouble.


Tommy Turkey

Voiced by Mike Pollock

A leading heavy, Tommy’s a large, rough & tough ol’ bird, from Brooklyn.  Tommy can be a real tough boss to work for, or a real tough customer to work with.  He’s arrogant, tight-fisted, rude, baligorant, crass and crude; in other words, a New Yorker. He has a bombastic and somewhat unrefined personality, and peppers his speech with phrases and insults, such as “jamokes”, “bums”, “doity boids” or “yous bums”.


Freddy Fox

Voiced by Alex Cook

The main antagonist, Freddy Fox is one crafty dude.  He’s cut throat, cunning, manipulative, and a fast talker.  Along with his partner, Luca Bacon, He’s always concocted schemes or is the head of some organization.  However, like many cartoon villains before him, all of his well made plans go awry, thanks to either Luca or Tommy and their incompetence or his own doing.  He’s truly a villain we all love to hate.


Luca Bacon

Voiced by Matt heine

A rather rotund hog, Luca would much rather peruse the local market for a delectable treat instead of following around some chicken...unless of course it’s fried.  Luca is a bit stuffy; he fancies himself as one of the elite, however he can’t seem to handle his snorting.  It gets him into trouble with Freddy; it disgusts him to no end.  No matter how you slice it, Luca is a loyal pig who will do anything his boss pays him to long as he can grab a bite to eat along the way.  When not around Freddy, Luca can be found trying to schmooze with the girls; he can be quite charming....for a pig.  However his heart is firmly and forever placed in his stomach.

Voice CAst


Michael Cook


The Father and Voice of Chucky Chicken, Michael Cook is the proud creator of the Chucky Chicken series.  A Native of Chicago, IL, He has dozens of acting credits to his name, including Musical Theater, Murder Mysteries, Shakespeare, and a certain variety show.


Michael's first love is animation, and is proud to be the voice of Chucky Chicken himself.  Giving much of his own personality to the plucky chicken, Cook follows in the tradition of Walt Disney when he says, "Chucky speaks for me, and I speak for him."

Michael is also the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Valley Studios, as well as lead show-runner, director and producer of the series.


Shantana Parasuraman


Shanta Parasuraman is an actor, singer, and musician originally from the Washington, DC area. She was the first canonical voice of Ms. Marvel AKA Kamala Khan, and has voice acted in 20 other productions with GraphicAudio. She has also worked in regional theatre, national tours, and independent film.


You can find her on social media as @Shalalashanta. ​


Jim Jarosz


Jim Jarosz studied Film and Animation at Columbia College in Chicago and now works as actor, producer, and production designer at Channel Awesome, Inc., Jim is responsible for the company’s sets, props, and costumes. He is the creator and producer of the show Awesome Build in which he showcases how he designs and builds props, makeup and costumes for various productions, most notably for the Nostalgia Critic. He also is the co-creator and co-producer of Awesome Comics and Orbit Report. Jim has appeared in several Nostalgia Critic episodes as a variety of characters, including the Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle Guy, Kylo Ren, and The Joker. Jim was also the creator and director of the animated Monkey Death Ray shorts that also ran on Channel Awesome. Jim voices several of the characters and was lead artist. He is very excited to be working on Chucky Chicken with such a talented cast and crew.

Zach headshot.jpg

Zach Arbogast


Zach joined Valley Studios the way most people are tricked into volunteering for a start-up, Aaron. Zach started doing voice over for Aaron’s show “RAMtv.” As things evolved, Zach has become an on-screen personality with Aaron in the “RAMblers” series. A shameless lover of video games since he first saw one on a screen, Zach’s favorite genres are RPGs, Action-Adventure, Fighters, Beat-Em-Ups, Hack’n’Slashes, Puzzle Games, and “OMG WTF IS THIS?!” games.


When he’s not gaming, Zach is a husband and father, a writer, stage and film actor, and a voice actor. His biggest dream is to do voice over for video games. Also, Zach is way more handsome than Aaron.


(Fun Fact: Aaron once complimented Zach on how pristine he keeps his games. This is what we in the biz call “flirting,” kids.)


Christina Costello


Christina is a mixed Arabic American voice actor who has a strong love for animation. She has been acting for about 15 years and is so excited to bring out the dramatic side of Janice. Armed with a microphone and home studio set up, she has had the pleasure of performing various voice over roles over the course of the last few years. Her hobbies include performing at children’s birthday parties, spending time with her family, friends, and animals, and getting lost in a good video game. She’s not the best biography writer, but she is definitely excited to be a part of the show!


Mike Pollock


Mike Pollock is one of New York's premier animation voice-over actors. Saturday morning cartoon viewers of Cartoon Network might recognize him as the voice of Dr. Eggman in Sonic Boom, and the Sonic the Hedgehog video games. Old-school viewers of FOX and The CW might recognize his voice as Meat in Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy, the Mayor and Samo, the bartender, in Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Garbageman on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dr. Eggman and Ella on Sonic X, Bigoriki in Gogoriki, and Langston Lickatoad in Viva Piñata.


He's also been heard as Bonaparte in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX on Cartoon Network, the interim narrator in Pokémon, Beast in the Marvel Motion comic adaptation of Astonishing X-Men, and Adon in Berserk.  Mike was also Sir Hardin Thicke on Howard Stern’s Master Tape Theater on Sirius XM Radio, as well as radio, TV and online commercials for Hooters, Pepsi, Focus Factor, SunSetter Retractable Awnings, No-Doz, Comcast, Burger King, AC/DC, Verizon, and promos for HBO International. He’s also the voice of several cute and cuddly animated plush toys, including “The Menacing Mummy,” for GUND.   When he's not making funny voices, he also writes comedy bits and song parodies.


Alex Cook


Alex is a new comer to the world of voice-acting, with Freddy Fox being his first role.   A naturally funny guy, alex loves the character of Freddy and was responsible for much of his characterization and personality.  He's also a great writer and has collaborated on almost all of the chucky Chicken cartoons to date...oh, and he's also Michael's Brother.


An electrician by trade, Alex works at Valley Electric in Oswego, IL, with he and Michael's father, Tom Cook, Jr.  Cook is also an army veteran, serving in the 101st Airborn from 2012 through 2016.  Recently he was recognized as the number one apprentice by the National Electrical Committee of America (NECA) and he's planning on one day taking over the family business, Valley Electric.  He's also a great husband and father, and is doing the show to have something to show his two girls.


Matt Heine


Matt  is proud to lend his voice to the crass yet cultured pig, Luca Bacon.  Locals and fans in Batavia, IL, may remember him from many of his performances of Shakespeare on Clarke, including roles in The Taming of the Shrew (The Pedant), 2011's The Merry Wives of Windsor (Sir Hugh Evans), and 2010's Twelfth Night (Valentine). 


An English/Theater major, Matt's true talents are in writing, yet he has been involved in Theater for over six years and has performed or worked at a variety of Chicagoland venues.  He is also a strong supporter of the bard, and has worked with several productions outside of Clark, including Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Macbeth.


Other notable roles include Azmur the Devil in Golem: The Monster of Prague, The Undertaker in Sagebrush: The Musical, and Long John Silver in Treasure Island.  Matt would like to thank his family and friends for their support, as well as all the members of Valley studios for the opportunity to bring laughter to the world.

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