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History of Chucky Chicken


The Story of Chucky Chicken begins way back in 2008...


While attending the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg, Michael Cook was a part of a student group on campus called Tough Luck Studios.  During this time, the group was looking for a mascot to use for school functions and promotions.  It was during this time that Michael was introduced to the antics of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, thanks to a recently released DVD collection.  Wanting to recreate the rubber hose look and feel of animation, Michael decided to create a character that would be a re-embodiedment of that long ago era.  The result was a plump little chicken; why a Chicken?  There weren’t that many famous fowl.


The resulting year produced the very first short starring this new character called “Wake Up Call” in March 2009.  It was later released in July little fanfare.

It took a little time, however in 2015 there was a spark of inspiration.  The series took another quantum leap forward in quality!  New shorts were written, characters were redesigned, and best of all, new animation was beginning!   With 2017 bringing a remaster of the original Wake-up Call, and the realization of the original short, Fowl Play, a new wave of cartoons began to make their way online!













Now, nearly a decade after he was introduced, Chucky Chicken has evolved even further!  Integrating many different character styles, more compelling stories, and now boasting a following on social Media, Chucky is quickly becoming a cartoon star, known and loved around the world.

The Decision was made a few years later to redesign the characters, and give them updated looks; including fresh new color palletes, voices and a new world to explore. Later in 2012, the next short, “Chicken Fright” was released in late October.  However, once again the short didn’t perform as well.

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