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A True Comedy of Errors

HodgePodge Tonight! is an online variety show that’s fun for the whole family!

When Michael Cook, Aaron Berogan, and Matt Heine find themselves a historic theater, they want nothing more than to put on an amazing show, reminiscent of classic vaudeville. However, when the boys find out that not only is the theater haunted, but the cast that they've hired doesn't show up for their opening night, they realize that they have bitten a little more than they can chew. Especially when dealing with the notorious I. Connem, owner and operator of Connem's Wrapped Wieners hot dog stores, the boys now have to continue the show every week, or else risk losing their theater to the Big Wienie.

Just when things seem like they can't get worse, they run into Isabella, a beauty with a beast for a soul who threatens to have the show canceled if she's not put on stage. Not only that, she becomes the sole financier of the theater, and one of the contractual demands is that SHE makes all the acts!

Luckily, Mike, Aaron and Matt aren't alone in this show. Thanks to Doris, the ghostly former owner of the theater, the boys still have a chance to keep the show running and out of Connem's clutches. Plus, their amazingly talented group, featuring Maria, a sweet young gal whose voice rivals even Isabella's, Amira, the beautiful foreign dancer who enchants the audience with every performance, and Leonardo Ricardo, "The Great" who makes it a point to add some of class to the show.

Combined with some really great comedy sketches, memorable musical numbers, and a wonderful tribute to some of the world's most revered and beloved comedians, HodgePodge Tonight is truly a family show. Bringing the best of yesterday, smashing it with today, and hoping tomorrow will become a little more brighter is what HPT does best.

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