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At Valley Studios, we pride ourselves on creating fun, entertaining, and memorable stories. We truly have our hands in a "hodgepodge" of different genres, but we guarantee you'll find something you love.

With podcasts such as The Tenno Way, you can join the misadventures of a battling clan as they roam the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Shows such as RAMblers give audiences a nerd's look into the world of movies, TV, comics and other popular trends and fans.

For the younger crowd, you can explore the wonderful world of creativity and art with the antics of The Cartoon Guy

For comedy lovers, you can enjoy the hilarious antics of a group of actors trying to put on a variety show, and end up with a comedy of errors in HodgePodge Tonight!

Valley Studios also delves into the world of animated content, such as the incredibly loved Chucky Chicken series, which is inspired by classic toons of the 1930s and 1990s. 


As you can see, we are your one-stop-shop of entertainment for all ages and niches, and it's only the beginning!  Because here at Valley Studios, we hope to entertain and story at a time.

Vera Nazarian

I'll tell you a secret; Old storytellers never die. They disappear into their own story.

Meet Our Crew

Michael Cook

Founder, Creative Director, Lead Animator, Voice Talent, Show Writer, Tenno Way Cast Member

One of the founders of Valley Studios, Michael Cook is the lead of the Valley Studios Animation branch, as well as oversees creative development of many projects throughout Valley Studios.  Cook is pretty much single handedly responsible for every animated graphic, logo, or design in the studio, and has led the teams of the comedy show, HodgePodge Tonight!, and the animated series Chucky Chicken.

Aaron Berogan

Founder, Executive Producer, Creator of the Tenno Way and RAMblers, Tenno Way Cast Member

One of the founders of Valley Studios, Aaron is the overlord, err, overseer of the Valley Studios Gaming branch. Aaron has created and helped define several of the projects seen from VSG such as RAMtv, RAMblers, and The Tenno Way. Aaron is continually finding new and entertaining ways to engage all of our fans in the geekdom.

Zach Arbogast

Co-Host of RAMblers, Voice Actor, Director, Content Creator, Tenno Way Cast Member

Zach joined Valley Studios the way most people are tricked into volunteering for a start-up, Aaron. Zach started doing voice over for Aaron’s show “RAMtv.” As things evolved, Zach has become an on-screen personality with Aaron in the “RAMblers” series. A shameless lover of video games since he first saw one on a screen, Zach’s favorite genres are RPGs, Action-Adventure, Fighters, Beat-Em-Ups, Hack’n’Slashes, Puzzle Games, and “OMG WTF IS THIS?!” games.  When he’s not gaming, Zach is a husband and father, a writer, stage and film actor, and a voice actor. His biggest dream is to do voice over for video games. Also, Zach is way more handsome than Aaron.


(Fun Fact: Aaron once complimented Zach on how pristine he keeps his games. This is what we in the biz call “flirting,” kids.)

Tanner Dornacher

Streamer, Tenno Way Cast Member

With chill vibes, fun streams, and an assortment of bowties, Tanner is a variety streamer that gives it all. From competitive shooters to grinding R.P.G.'s this OG-VSG team member is here to show you the ropes in the most amusing way possible, all the while proving (so he thinks) bowties make you a better gamer. You can follow his daily streams at

If catching him on Twitch isn't enough, you can hear Tanner on the newest format of the Tenno Way voicing Daniel Stanley, the sorcerer who almost knows magic. 

Dion Garcia

Tenno Way Dungeon Master

Dion joined the Tenno Way as the DM tempting to wrangle the players after Aaron, begged, pled, and even cried for him to join their DnD podcast. Dion started playing Dungeons and Dragons about 25 years ago (before it was cool). Dion has run and played in many different game systems, but the new 5th edition of DnD has him enjoying the game again. When Dion was asked to be the DM for the Tenno Way, he was hesitant but figured it was just another way to try to play DnD. Dion said while not having the group in the same room as him will different, it will be exciting for him to work with these new people.

Tanner Headshot.jpg

Kristen Flink

Tenno Way Cast Member

Kristen thinks she somehow got tricked to be here. She was told she was going to get to play a game and suddenly she is voicing a character on a DnD podcast. 

Kristen is what you might call low maintenance. When asked what class she was going to be playing she responded with, "What do we need?" When asked if Sunday's worked for recording she said, "If that's what works for everyone else best." When asked  if she wanted to hang out with Aaron she said, "No." 

Kristen is a theater person at heart. She loves performing and watching character come to life on stage and screen and is excited to bring her character to life for your ears.

Michael Johnson

Tenno Way Cast Member

Michael is the founder of Dark Aura Gaming, a clan that has spread many franchises, but most notably Warframe. Michael joined the Tenno Way originally as an in game expert giving great insight, tips, and tricks. When he found out it was changing to a DnD podcast his only question was, "Is there PvP, and can I hit Aaron?" The DM immediately replied, "Yes you can, and I encourage you do so as many times as you want. I will even let you punch his character if you so choose." 

From local expert to player, Michael now voices Zenno "Zen" Ipapadus a monk, whose race was created entirely by Michael called "Sols."   

Logan Hollis

Tenno Way Cast Member

Logan started as every person on the Tenno Way did, a huge fan of Aaron and his work. Okay, so maybe not exactly, but in a sense. Logan was a Patron of the Tenno Way when they were doing Warframe content. Then, after the show went on a hiatus Logan continued donating. Needless to say, when Aaron decided to put a cast together for the DnD version of Warframe, he started with his patrons and Logan leapt at the opportunity. Now, Logan can be heard voicing Aemenor Meliamne, the rogue wood elf, who just wants to survive and seek revenge on those who took his home from him. 


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